The Southeast Conference is a network of Brethren in Christ congregations located in Florida and Georgia.

As part of the BIC U.S., we facilitate church planting, hiring and supporting local pastors, and developing ministry initiatives within the Southeast Conference.

Meet Bishop Aner Morejon

Aner Morejon, bishop of the Southeast Conference.

Aner has been serving as bishop of Spanish-speaking congregations in the Southeast Conference since 2012.

At an early age, Aner was introduced to Christ through his parents — both pastors in the Church of the Nazarene in Havana, Cuba. Baptized at 12, he was called to ministry at 18. After working as the youth pastor for a church in Camaguey, Cuba, he returned to Havana to finish his studies at Seminario Teológico Nazareno Cubano.

A year after moving to the U.S., Aner joined a BIC ministry that has grown to become Maranatha BIC, Hialeah, Fla., now a thriving congregation of Spanish-speaking believers. For 21 years, Aner served as senior pastor at Maranatha BIC.

An influential leader in Miami’s faith community, Aner serves on the board of directors for the Greater Miami Ministers Association — assuming the role of president from 2009 to 2010. A member of the reference committee for Mennonite Central Committee, Aner is also a leader of an interdenominational prayer group consisting of 18 pastors from various churches in Hialeah.

Aner and his wife, Vivian, have two grown children, Anler and Magbys, and three grandchildren.

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